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In this workshop, you will learn:

* How to Get Unstuck & Manifest Next Level Goals with Alignment, Ease & Inner Peace even if you have Anxiety, ADHD and/or Trauma!

*What's Missing from your Work Life Balance that's holding you back

* The Downside of Positive Thinking and Mindset Work

* Why You Struggle with Manifesting Your Goals

* How to Leverage Your Weaknesses into your Superpowers

* The Most Powerful and Proven Methods to Release Trauma, Stress & Anxiety

* How to Cultivate Calm, Clarity & Confidence to propel your "Feel Good Success"

We live in a busy-minded, ego driven, anxious and chaotic world and if you want to make an impact, create a legacy and actually ENJOY your life along the way,

You need Effective Ways to Release the Negative and Align with Your Values so You can Enjoy and Appreciate your Family, Work and Present Moments while you Reach for Your Next Level Aspirations and Continue Becoming More of the Woman you Want to be in this World!

Instead of leaving it up to trial and error or wasting even more of your most valuable asset (YOUR TIME!), Let me to show you the most efficient and results-oriented ways to:

get unstuck from past trauma

Reduce and Release Stress and Anxiety


Start manifesting your dreams, goals and desires a way that FEELS GOOD while you do it!

That's what we'll be doing ALL week long in the Live 2022 ALIGNED SUCCESS Workshop!

This workshop is FREE but don't let that fool's Super Value Packed! There's no way you will walk away from this the same as when you will be equipped with techniques, personal recommendations and advice, teachings and things you can actionably implement from Day One!

This is not your average workshop and because it's done LIVE, there will be so many opportunities for you to shape the experience that will be had by all and the things you learn along the way!

Are you ready to stop letting your past circumstances and limiting beliefs define you?

Join Theresa and Learn how to

feel better than ever,

achieve your goals,

get a handle on the work-life balance


attract what you want into your life with ease!

the LIVE 2022 ALIGNED SUCCESS Workshop Begins Sept 19th!

Meet your Host, Theresa Lear Levine:

Theresa is a Master EFT Practitioner, Law of Attraction Coach, Energy Strategist and Inner Problem Solver.

She is also the founder of Becoming More Me and Host of the Becoming More Me Podcast.

She lives near Washington, DC with her Husband, Jeff, and their 4 boys as well as their 2 yellow labs.

Despite being an ambitious leader and “mompreneur”, her personal struggles with past traumas, high functioning anxiety, and ADHD brought about a lot of negative emotions and feelings of dissatisfaction that literally blocked her ability to feel good and fulfilled about her success and achievements even when things appeared to be doing well.

Meet your Host, Theresa Lear Levine:

Theresa's struggles as a high achieving mompreneur with trauma, ADHD and high functioning anxiety escalated into chaos, stuckness and self doubt and led her on a journey to regain inner peace, confidence and self love.

She learned to get unstuck and release pain, self sabotage and unwanted feelings with processes that cultivated desired emotions and created a totally different outcome that used to feel elusive and impossible to attain.

She has helped female entrepreneurs and moms to work on their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health for over 25 years with an evolving blend of Energy Psychology, Emotional Freedom Techniques (also known as EFT Tapping), and a handful of other Law of Attraction and Energy Related methods.

When it felt like things were really hitting the wall and her greater dreams might never come to fruition, she began working on her fears, pain, beliefs and stories in a new way and she began to feel more aligned in her personal relationships, more balanced in her business and more authentically and genuinely herself.

She learned effective ways to change the narrative, quiet her inner critic, get unstuck from procrastination and put a stop to the self sabotage that had been keeping her goals and dreams out of reach.

She realized that she was capable of turning her perceived weaknesses into strengths as she simultaneously reclaimed her calm, confidence and clarity.

Theresa enjoys empowering other Busy Minded Ambitious Women with scientifically proven methods that help them to release the what’s holding them back so they can feel happier and be more fulfilled as they achieve their goals for their business and family life in a way that aligns with their values and vision for the future.

Don't worry if you've never worked with your energy system, regulated your nervous system or tried EFT tapping before.

Sure, Theresa has a TON of experience and is a Master Practitioner but she's going to start from Square One with you in this workshop and everything will be easy to understand as one day builds on the next.

Plus, you'll get direct access to learn from and tap into her genius each day of the workshop which is so valuable if you're trying to work through specific challenges. Her advice and suggestions could literally provide the exact breakthrough you've been waiting for!

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